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Ten illustrious animals from the Sermonibus Animalis series have come together in vivid detail with this new greeting card set!  Each animal makes their own bold statement against striking colors that are sure to make an impression for any occasion or celebration.  Animals include: 


-Sardinian Brook Salamander (ready to party!)

-Ocelot (debonair as always)

-Northern Giraffe (makes everything picture perfect)

-Bowhead Whale (bringing the magic)

-Llama (always arrives in style)

-Black-Backed Grosbeak (ready for game night)

-Veiled Chameleon (does the outdoor decorations)

-Common Parsley Frog (the rebel of the group) 

-Hawksbill Sea Turtle (cares about shade and comfort)

-Bighorn Sheep (will serenade the guests!)  


Contains (1) card of each animal (10 in total), along with (10) brown kraft envelopes.


Each card measures 4" x 6" and is folded vertically.  Cards are blank inside so you can write your own message!  


Sermonibus Animalis Greeting Card Pack (10)

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