Blue Bird

Brian Giovanni is a Los Angeles based independent animator who independently draws and creates things independently. 

His latest short film "Of Crumbs and Dreams" premiered at the Animation Block Party in 2019, and was most recently awarded Best Animated Short at both the Black Cat Picture Show Film Fest and the Culver City Film Festival.  His previous short "When Comes the Rain" made its festival run over the previous two years, with selections including the Animation Block Party, the World Animation Celebration, San Francisco Indie Fest, Columbus Int'l Film & Animation Festival, and the Twin Cities Film Fest.  

His work has been showcased all over the world through the international LoopDeLoop animation community, and he was named LA Winner in 2016 at one of their many showcases.  Recently, his illustration work has been featured in gallery showings through the Arroyo Arts Collective in Highland Park, CA


He has trained under indie-animation legend Bill Plympton, and studies regularly at the American Animation Institute at the Animation Guild in Burbank, CA. He also holds a film degree from Denison University's School of Cinema.


He has also worked on home media productions for Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, and 20th Century Fox, and is a long-standing member of the ASIFA - Hollywood animated film society, as well as an advocate for the Arts Action Fund. 


Currently, he is working on many films and projects, and one day, you might get to see one of them!