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Four refined animals from the Sermonibus Animalis series have come together to present a most sophisticated set of drinking coasters for your next cocktail (or mocktail) adventure.  


With colorful abstract shapes, and a reflection of American Mid-Century Modern design, these retro-inspired coasters are sure to elevate your next party into a timeless wonder, where each new drink brings a new level of savoir faire.  Grab a set, and impress your friends!  Animals include: 


-Cozumel Raccoon ('Eminence') with Old Fashioned 

-Bunyoro Rabbit ('Extravagance') with Margarita 

-Polar Bear ('Elegance') with Dry Martini

-Dragon Snake ('Effervescence') with Tom Collins 


Includes (1) coaster of each animal (4 in total), plus a cocktail recipe card so you can make the drinks you see in the coasters!  


Each coaster measures 4" x 4" - with rounded edges.  4mm thick.  Fiberboard surface with corkboard backing.


Please drink responsibly!  

Sermonibus Animalis Coaster Set (4)

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