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Sermonibus Animalis, Vol. 2

At long last, the complete collection of my 'Sermonibus Animalis' project from Inktober 2020 is up and running on this site. All 31 drawings from this year (Vol. 2) are for sale, with prints likely available in January of next year! They join the previous 31 drawings from 2019, to form a grand total of 62 animals & puns, (and counting...) Here's a nice family photo for good measure.

If you see any that interest you, head on over to the shop page, and make a selection, won't you? I've included each individual drawing below from Vol. 2, for a closer look.

As before, each drawing was done with brush tip pen & marker on parchment - toned textured paper. In the forthcoming drawings (in my quest to get to 100 animals), if I can eventually make a whole art book out of all of them, I hope to go further with the whole vintage zoological catalogue feel, and possibly explore more anecdotes or stories to include about these wondrous punny creatures.. maybe something akin to the Codex Seraphinianus or Voynich Manuscript - a nice blend of the esoteric meeting the absurd. The more time I spend on these, the more potential there is to explore the possibilities!

2020 has certainly been an interesting and challenging year for so many. A weird mix of stress, anxiety, an ongoing need for creative expression and personal connections.. A paradoxical feeling of missing out on opportunities, projects, events, and collaboration.. but also realizing so many of these outlets were canceled or postponed anyway.. so what is there to miss out on? What do days and weeks, and time itself even mean anymore anyway? I guess that's the puzzle we're meant to figure out? Or at the very least, experience.. Whatever you're working on, I hope you carry all the fun, positivity, and creativity you can muster into 2021 and beyond!

Be safe and be well!



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