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Discover Indie Film

Autumn is now upon us, though you would hardly notice based on the weather here. At least it's gone from 'unbearable inferno' to 'bearable inferno.' I'll take whatever I can get these days! Anyway, why not catch up with Mr. Blog and tell the class what I did on my summer vacation.

First off, 'Of Crumbs and Dreams' has at last found its streaming home! Last fall, it screened as part of the Sherman Oaks Film Festival. There, I met head programmer Jeff Howard, where we had a nice Q&A, which you can see here!

Then a few months ago, he reached out to include my film as part of his series 'Discover Indie Film' which runs on Amazon. The series is a selection of short films handpicked from the festival circuit, and is now in its sixth season! You can head over to Amazon right now, and check it out here. You'll find 'Of Crumbs and Dreams' in Season 6, Episode 3. And while you're at it, why not check out the whole series, and enjoy even more short films!

It is indeed an honor to be included, and to be among several other great short films in the series. Whenever I submit to a festival, I really have no idea where anything will lead, or where my film might end up. After the Sherman Oaks Film Festival, I thought it was a fitting end to the film's run - ending up right in my own neighborhood, after 3 years of festival submissions (including a pandemic). But now it's an even better culmination to have the film complete its journey on an

actual streaming platform!

Also, it's wonderful to see another outlet that highlights short films, and allows them to receive proper visibility and recognition. Too often, major streaming outlets will only showcase feature length content, while shorts can get lost in the shuffle. It's certainly inspiring to have a long running series such as this, which shines a much needed spotlight exclusively on the short film.

Then, right as this was all happening, I also had the pleasure of appearing on the series' podcast, where I chatted with Jeff about the making of the film, and joys of animation and creativity in general. In a world where the ten-minute Q&A isn't quite sufficient to get a full breakdown of the artistic process, this series offers a wonderfully insightful and more

in-depth conversation with all of the artists and filmmakers whose works have appeared in his festivals and the Amazon series. Go ahead and give it a listen here. Available on Apple Podcasts, Google, Spotify, Amazon Music, Android, or anywhere else you might get your podcasts. I appear on eps. 290 and 291.

All in all, a tremendous thanks to Jeff and Discover Indie Film, for including my film in the latest season, and bringing me on board the podcast. From my perspective at least, where I'm generally a one-man show, making my animated films in relative solitude, it's always nice to have an in-depth, face-to-face conversation with another like-minded individual about my work.

Next month, as Inktober approaches, I'll be once again jumping into my 'Sermonibus Animalis' illustration series for the fourth year in a row, with some new surprises! Stay tuned!



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