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  • Brian Giovanni

What Year Is It?

Been away from the old blog and chain for a while.. Finally back for the first time in 2020. Lots happening in the world, it's hard to even know where to begin, or how to even formulate a cohesive update that seems to matter in the grand scheme of things..

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, I've been working from home since March, and have been isolating with the rest of the world, navigating everything with the same uncertainty as anyone else... So much of the world as we know it is different, and many of the comforts and opportunities I so easily took for granted have been shelved until further notice.. Things like submitting to a film festival, or seeking out the next inspiring animated feature at a public screening are things of the past (but hopefully this is not the status quo for too long..)

And then, once the country erupted again, in the wake of recent racial injustices, police violence, and marches, the world now seems so much scarier still, more daunting, more complicated than anything I can intelligently put into words. At the very least, it's a time of self reflection, education, and figuring out how we can put actionable intent behind our thoughts, hopes, and fears.

In trying to adapt to the state of the world, and take stock of what I've been able to do, here are some things:

Twin Cities Film Fest Streaming Service

Thing 1: Back in April, the Twin Cities Film Fest reached out, and connected with me about putting my short 'When Comes the Rain'

up as part of a free VOD streaming service. It screened at their festival back in 2018, so they were looking to compile past festival entries as part of an offer to provide entertainment to home bound families and get more visibility to some of their alumni films during the pandemic. I was happy to oblige, especially given the circumstances of so many people (still) not being able to leave their homes. Check it out, and several other great shorts and features here!

Black Cat Picture Show Film Festival 2020

Thing 2: 'Of Crumbs and Dreams' has been accepted to its fourth festival, and will screen next month in Augusta, GA as part of the 6th Annual Black Cat Picture Show! The whole weekend sounds amazing, in a wonderfully eclectic setting (based on the building diagram alone, that bar is pretty impressive!) - though sadly, I probably won't be able to attend, based on the state of things... but I do hope to enjoy the festivities in spirit, while continuing to pine away for the days of normal, everyday, social interaction again...

Sermonibus Animalis Illustrations

Thing 3: Every piece from my Sermonibus Animalis illustration series from last Inktober is now up for grabs on my website store - this now includes prints for all 31 animals (only about half were previously available), so check them out, and buy your favorite animal today! Going forward, I'll be donating 100% of all website sales to the Black Art Futures Fund - a sponsored project of Allied Media Project (AMP), which supports art, media, and technology projects working for social change. Learn more about the Black Art Futures Fund here. And look for more animals to follow.

I've also revamped several aspects of my website as a fun 'summer cleaning / stay at home' project. I honestly didn't know what to do with a website once I got this up and running, but I feel like it's now a huge painting I can never finish, or a piece of furniture that you try and clean or re-arrange but there's always something you want to try differently or fumble with, and you spend your whole day obsessing over things that no one else will notice or care about... oh well... You can probably expect more of this foolishness in the weeks ahead.

Stuff on the horizon: finally getting back to work on 'Dog Meets Cow,' and very soon being able to share exciting news on a feature documentary I have been doing animating on since January!

Strange times indeed, but to anyone reading this, I wish you health, safety, peace, and happiness.

Stay well,


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