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  • Brian Giovanni

Animation Block - Second Time Around

This past weekend was the 16th Annual Animation Block Party Film Festival and the premiere of my my latest short "Of Crumbs and Dreams." It was also at this festival two years ago, where my previous short "When Comes the Rain" premiered, so now both films have started their journey at the same place. Hooray for being a repeat customer!

Just like last time, it was held at BAM Cinematek in Brooklyn NY, and the trip was filled with plenty of highlights. This time around: a screening of the new Chinese feature White Snake, and several other fantastic animated shorts, including Emily Hubley's new film "Faithy hey." I've been a long time Hubley devotee, (husband and wife team John & Faith, and their daughter Emily) so the chance to see anything from their body of work was most welcome.

Another gem was "The Bird and the Whale" by Carol Freeman - a short that was meticulously crafted using frame by frame paint-on-glass technique, and the results were breathtaking. See it if you can!

The rest of the trip was spent learning how to navigate the Long Island Railroad, drinking Gin & Tonics at a dive bar in Valley Stream that were 90% gin, and eating too much sorbet and pizza. Here's hoping I get to come back next year!

Nothing left to do now except to get back to work on 'Dog Meets Cow.' I was steeped in another illustration gig for the last two months, so now the horizon looks a little clearer for the time being.

Onward and upward...


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