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  • Brian Giovanni

Of Crumbs and Dreams

So for the longest time, I thought Dog Meets Cow was going to be my next film, but every now and then, the world throws other plans at you. I'm happy to report completion on my actual latest film: 'Of Crumbs and Dreams!'

It's a little three-minute adventure about a tiny ant whose dreams are bigger than that of the colony he is bound to, with themes of exploration, freedom, and responsibility at play.

I had previously created a large chunk of this film for a Loop de Loop entry last year, and realizing there was more narrative potential in what I had made, decided to expand it further to make a full film. Once again Loop de Loop to the rescue.. all of these ideas, characters, themes, and production assets I create coming around to be of use once again.. similar to what happened for 'When Comes the Rain.'

With one of my favorite animation festivals around the corner - The Animation Block Party - I wanted to see if I had what it took to put another film together in time for the deadline. Dog Meets Cow still has a ways to go, and, as is my wont, I grew impatient with myself, and decided to try and economize my animating time to create and finish something else totally unrelated..

So mission accomplished! Luckily it all paid off, and the film will premiere this September at the Animation Block Party! More submissions to follow, so we'll see how this little film's journey pans out.

I'm still working on Dog Meets Cow, but now I can enjoy the dual challenge of wrapping up one film and working on festival submissions for another. Ultimately though, this whole process of shifting gears is quite helpful. The joy of completing one film creates a certain kind of energy and motivation that helps further along the other projects I have in the pipeline. One down, several more to go!


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