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  • Brian Giovanni

Works in Progress

Been away from my blog for a while, but happy to report that things are keeping busy! Lots of activity in the mix: my short 'Dog Meets Cow' is about 1/3 complete. I've also been juggling three freelance illustration gigs, and two side classes: More figure drawing at the Animation Institute and a story development class at Studio Arts where I'm putting together plans for my next short after 'Dog Meets Cow.'

This now marks three animated shorts lined up after 'Dog Meets Cow,' that I'm developing and navigating into possible production. Since I'm usually just a one-man show, and don't require approval, permission, or money from anyone else to greenlight my work, it's all usually a big moveable chess board that fluctuates at any given time, based where I want to move forward.

However, since the story I'm working on in my Story Development class has been positively received, and has been pushed along with active feedback and input from my instructors, there may be a motivating factor to jump on this first when Dog Meets Cow is finished. Or maybe even concurrently... there's no right or wrong way to multitask on one's own projects. Even Don Hertzfeldt worked on the delightfully absurd and grotesque 'Wisdom Teeth' in the middle of his 'It's a Such a Beautiful Day' trilogy to change up the pace and energy of his creative output.

That being said, I'm still hoping to finish Dog Meets Cow by the end of the year, and get it prepped for a festival run. It's been about a year since my last festival outing and I do miss those adventures. Soon enough I suppose. In the meantime, here's a few stills from Dog Meets Cow, and some concept designs from my Story Development project. I've also added my latest figure drawing samples to the Gallery page.



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