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  • Brian Giovanni

Inktober Begins...

This was supposed to be posted in September, but somehow, it's already October! So behind, and lots to do! At the beginning of the month, the Dragon Quest Art Show took place at World 8 in Koreatown. My watercolor piece 'Rainy Day' was proudly displayed. Sadly, it did not sell (yet).. but I did sell some prints, and got to meet fellow artists, so it was a great evening all around (Plus free snacks and wine - my favorite combo!) There may be talks of another video game-themed art show coming up, which I'll gladly post about, should it materialize.

On to festival news - 'When Comes the Rain' will be screening at the 2018 Twin Cities Film Fest! It will once again be part of a kids / family block, screening on Sat. 10/20 at the ICON Theatre in Minneapolis MN. It pains me to have to miss this, due to travel / schedule limitations, but the event sounds truly amazing. If anyone out there is able to attend, do let me know how it turns out. And with any luck, maybe my next film will be completed in time to submit to next year's festival. This is the ninth festival for 'When Comes the Rain,' and I'm still amazed at how it's seemed to carve out a little place for itself in various corners of the festival world. In this day and age, it seems there's always any kind of festival ready and welcoming for any kind of film, and I'm glad my first little 1:44 min short got a chance to find its way. What a world we live in!

Now that October is upon us, I'll be participating in Inktober - where artists create one drawing a day for 31 days. I did it back in 2015, but was too held up in other projects to do anything for the last two years. But now after holding off for two years, it seemed fitting to jump in again. I'm sure I'll post the whole collection at the end of the month, but I'll include some pieces here, and I'll be updating my Instagram and Tumblr pages throughout the month with updates, so check them out!... you know, amidst millions of other artists also doing the exact same thing for Inktober.. but hey - have to get my work out into the world somehow..


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