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  • Brian Giovanni

Revengeance and Rainy Days

August has been quite eventful - lots of working on projects, and preparing for working on projects, and working on preparations for project work.. on and on it goes.. but happy to report lots of neat things have been taking place!

Not the least of which (maybe the best of which?) was getting a chance to see Bill Plympton's latest feature "Revengeance." Truly one of my most influential animation role models, Bill Plympton has always amazed and inspired with his prolific output of work, unmistakable visual flair, and offbeat humor and storytelling. I was quite fortunate to sign up last year for an online class with his Plymptoons Animation Studio (which is how my short 'When Comes the Rain' came to be).. so the chance to meet with him again and enjoy his work was not to be missed!

I saw 'Revengeance' for the first time last year at Comic-Con and the film doesn't disappoint the second time around (it might be even better the second time around!) I also met LA-based animator Jim Lujan who wrote and co-directed the film, and voiced almost all of its characters - equally offbeat and the ideal co-conspirator for this film - go check it out!

Next up, I'll be involved in an art show this weekend at the World-8 video game store in Koreatown. The event commemorates the release of the new Dragon Quest game, so a handful of LA artists will be showcasing their work reflecting art from the series. I'll have an orignal piece in the program, which I've dubbed 'Rainy Day,' as well as prints available, so if you're in the area this Saturday stop on by!

Coming up, more festival news, and other happenings!


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