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  • Brian Giovanni

New Film in the Works!

Summer is now upon us, and new projects abound! After spending far too long mentally waffling through short film ideas, all in various stages of development and/or production, I've finally begun full speed ahead on a new animated short: "Dog Meets Cow."

I'm hoping to have this coincide with LoopdeLoop's current submission round, in which their theme is "Dog." So by the end of next month, I may have a dog-inspired animation loop, as well as the building blocks for a full short I can then complete and push forward into a festival run.

LoopdeLoop is not only a great animation collective to have your work seen and screened regularly, but for me, it's also served as the jumping off point for several ideas that have grown into full films. (My film 'When Comes the Rain,' was one such unused idea sparked during a LoopdeLoop theme a few years ago..)

"Dog Meets Cow" will be a fun character-driven story about an unconventional pair of animals, with (hopefully) themes of peer pressure, exploring one's calling in life, and finding unlikely connections in an otherwise troubled world. Character design and storyboarding are well underway, so be on the lookout for more info soon!

Speaking of dogs, the commercial gig I was working on a few month ago has now surfaced. Check out the promo video and overview for Network Watchdog (I did all the 2D animation). Remarkable and useful technology, and an adorable blue dog - what's not to like? The company already designed the logo, so it was fun sort of reverse-engineering everything - taking someone's static image and bringing it to life.

Finally, I've been busy with two other non-animation projects: prepping for another art show this fall (details TBD), and a 2D experimental art / anthology series I'll be posting on my Tumblr page fairly soon, so be on the lookout! Hooray for summer!


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