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  • Brian Giovanni

The In-Between Place

April has been a busy month of behind-the-scenes working, planning, and strategizing, without a lot of major updates to share just yet. Lots going on, but nothing in a fully completed state. Like many times throughout the year, it's the In-Between Place where many projects or events are in flux, in various stages of development or production, and awaiting their final push to become a fully realized thing in the world.

Earlier this month, 'When Comes the Rain' screened as part of the 3rd Annual Detroit International Festival of Animation - its sixth festival! But unfortunately I was unable to attend - travel limitations being what they are. I've only been to Detroit one another time, and it would have been a great opportunity to go again. The whole weekend event included five screenings, and an expo with local artists, animators, zine publishers, and comic creators! If anyone has any news or stories from the event, do let me know! It would be great to hear how it all turned out..

Speaking of festivals, I have two more coming up in May, which I'll be excited to report back on. I also have no fewer than three other short films in the pipeline.. two of which are coming along nicely in terms of production. But like most instances, it's all a matter of mastering the balancing act and planning one's next move. Don Hertzfeldt once said he enjoys keeping multiple projects afloat at once, because it can keep the creative momentum going from one to the other, and it makes it easier to switch gears. If I lose myself in one big long project it can be difficult to rev back up and start something else all over again, so here's hoping I have the slightest idea what I'm doing!

Besides that, I've also been busy with a commercial gig, and an upcoming artwork showcase that I hope to share at some point soon, in addition to another on-going art project I'll be putting on my Tumblr page (and on my main website eventually) - more on that later I suppose, when I finally have everything under control!

So much going on, but not quite at the finish line..


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