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  • Brian Giovanni

Three Minutes and Counting!

Back in late November, I had the pleasure of attending the Three Minute Film Festival in Santa Barbara, CA. And speaking of threes, it was the third festival in which my film "When Comes the Rain" was screening!

After a brisk train ride from LA on the Amtrak Surfliner, I headed to SBCAST (The Santa Barbara Center for Art Science and Technology) for the event. The whole place is a unique art collective, studio space, and living quarters for artists and scientists doing residency projects for the community, and the festival (done three times a year) is one such event. And it probably goes without saying that each film has to be three minutes or less.

Lynn Holley, the festival founder and programmer curated an amazing collection of short films, ranging from animation, live action, experimental, music videos, and dance. I also had the pleasure of meeting Sarah Gampel and Keith Cantrell, two other LA based animators, as well as Dugan Beach, a filmmaker, photographer and VFX artist doing a residency project at SBCAST. Check out their amazing work!

All in all, a fantastic event, and I can't wait to return again! I only hope I can put together another film in time for the next one (and make it three minutes or less).

In the coming weeks, I should be posting about the other two festivals from earlier this year in which my film was screened, as well as some other events on the horizon. I feel like most of this blog will be me retroactively posting about stuff in the past, since I just now got around to making this website, instead of, you know, having all of this ready when these events actually happened..

Hooray for putting things off till later!


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