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  • Brian Giovanni

We Have Movie Sign! ...I Mean Website Sign...

Hi everyone. At long last, I have a website up and running to showcase and document all of my explorations into the world of animation. Hopefully you, adventurous reader, can use these blog posts to stay up to date on everything I'm working on. Or maybe you won't, or just don't feel like it, and that's ok too.. whatever, it's up to you.

At any rate, I've had an extremely busy summer in terms of festivals, screenings, and other projects, as well as some cool events planned in the coming weeks, so I hope to post about all of them here. Feel free to take a look around and enjoy! And stay tuned for my next post which should actually be about something, and not me telling you about stuff I'm going to do, or post about posts, etc..

Hooray for finally getting this website done!



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