Planes, Gains, and Animalbiles

December 30, 2019

(First off, very sorry about the title... or Your Welcome if you liked it..)


2019 is coming to a close, and quite a lot has happened in the last few months.  Lots to do before I'm ready to let 2020 come around, I guess.  The biggest news of late was 'Of Crumbs and Dreams' screening at the Culver City Film Festival (its third festival and LA premiere).  This time around, it was programmed with only one other short and a feature.  I'm pretty sure this was the only time I wasn't part of a short film block, and the only time I wasn't paired with any other animated pieces.  Always nice for change of scenery!  The other two films were also both horror / suspense heavy, so I do hope my pensive little tale about a cartoon ant offered some comfort amidst the other scary stuff...


The week after the screening, I attended an award ceremony for the festival, and wouldn't you know it, 'Of Crumbs and Dreams' was awarded the Grand Prize - Best Animated Short!  My first festival win!  A big shout out to the programmers Peter Greene and John Gursha for the honor!  The week long festival was no easy feat to pull off, with over 300 films of all kinds screening across 7 days, so I'm very grateful they appreciated my work, and found a little place for it in the world...


The award ceremony was held at the Proud Bird banquet hall by LAX - a great place with lots of aviation decor, so enjoy some nice pictures of planes!...and one of me I guess....


Also, more news on my Inktober 2019 project - the Sermonibus Animalis Series:  Last month, I was fortunate enough to be invited to participate in a gallery showing with the Arroyo Arts Collective in Highland Park at Ave 50 Studios.  I had all of my animal drawings and prints for sale, which were very well received.  A few animal prints sold out and I have just over half of the originals still leftover.   I'm now a seasoned pro with the whole gallery, you know, look out, or whatever...


Following that, I put up the remainder of the collection on my website, so they are now for sale to the world at large!  Please immediately go to the SHOP section of this website, pick out your favorite animal, and take comfort knowing you have supported your local artists.


I also hope to continue this series next year - still so many animals to include..we'll see where it goes!  Onto new horizons and a new year!  And I guess a new decade (unless you're one of those people that always has to insist that a decade technically goes from "1" to "0" since there was no year zero, etc.. in which case, happy 2020 anyway, and enjoy one more year before you get to be excited about the whole thing...


Whatever your stance, may 2020 bring all great things you desire, and make it a good one! 


Happy New Year! 




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